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Top 5 career options for today's youth: Check out the list here

Nowadays preparations for a career begin fairly early compared to older times where you chose medical, engineering, accounts etc. and took most of your training on the job. The biggest challenge today is that new kinds of jobs are being created every day and one needs to be ready for this change. Though there will be careers that will stay, a huge number of them are being replaced by automation and this required people to be ready to take on this challenge. Listed below are a few career options which have a mix of both, old and new career paths:

1. Medical:

With growing access to medical facilities, there is a large demand for professionals. Though this is not a new career line, some fields grow with increase in lifestyle and the country's GDP.

2. Data Analytics:

There is huge amount of data being collected today. This is primarily due to automation where this data now being captured. This has led to an all-time high demand of analytics professionals.

3. Robotics and Automation:

The way of life is evolving every day. The way we travel, work, communicate, etc is changing and will keep changing. We want automation in everything to make our lives easier. Companies want automation to save costs. This is one career line that has huge potential for the future.

4. E-Commerce:

While E-commerce companies have seen a few layoffs recently, there is a lot of potential in the field and this is expected to be a large job creator in the future. ADVERTISEMENT

5. Hospitality:

Our thought process in India is changing towards spending money on F&B. There is a major change in spending habits and eating habit of people. This has resulted in a huge demand of hospitality staff. There are lots of other fields that are growing as well however, it is difficult to list down. For example, Consulting, Nutrition and Diet, Architecture, Research etc

(Authored article by Spectrum Talent Management, A Global Recruitment firm)