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Image Cybersecurity Embedding security into new ways of working With increasing technology digitization, innovation and agility have become essential ingredients for competitive advantage; regardless of industry. Technology has become the pulse of every single interaction show more Image Cybersecurity Asymmetric uncertainty for Cyber Threats & its potential Today’s Cyber defenses are focused on defending unchanging (sprawling, distributed, & untrusted) infrastructure by monitoring, detecting, preventing and remediating threats. show more Image Cybersecurity Cloud Security Compliance Assurance Program The healthcare industry is shifting focus to personalized preventive care and an increasing number of patients are expecting healthcare to be delivered as a service. show more Image Cybersecurity Improving digital trust in the healthcare industry With increasing willingness to use wearable and share personal information over the web, patients want healthcare to be delivered as a service. show more Image Cybersecurity OT security – The need of the hour for Industry 4.0 Traditionally, most manufacturing industries, whether process manufacturing or discrete manufacturing show more Image Cybersecurity The State of Cybersecurity Report 2019 The State of Cybersecurity Report 2019 (SOCR) maintains a unique structure, building on the first two editions’ ethos to bring out new viewpoints and findings. show more Image Cybersecurity The need for secure-by-design approach to business process controls The ERP landscape is changing fast. Currently, most organizations use hybrid models of on premise and cloud (SaaS, private, etc.). show more Image Considerations for picking an end-point security solution Do you know what end-point protection tools are running on your desktop or laptop? If not, you can hover your mouse over at the quick access task bar and see icon descriptions. show more Image Cybersecurity Combating Cyber Threats: A how to for the CISO How to fight cyber threats? show more Image Cybersecurity Integration of security in devops- a bigger picture DevSecOps is getting increasing popular as organizations look to tackle ever-evolving challenges in security. show more Image Cybersecurity How to fortify security in the era of Internet of Things Businesses need to realize the urgent need for looking at security through the IoT lens, which will guide them towards integration with their existing IT security systems. show more Image Cybersecurity Quantum cryptography for data heliocentric world Today global businesses depend on data for making complex decisions and for meaningful business intelligence show more Image Cybersecurity In the cross-hairs of IoT security threats? Here’s how you can tool up. Security monitoring has always been critical to protecting IT ecosystems but with the rise in IoT-enabled devices and connected systems, the fear of cyberattacks has grown exponentially. show more Image Cybersecurity Eliminating the complexity in cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence AI Technology can bridge the gaps in Security Technology, Help build next generation security teams and Introduce security culture into the Enterprise show more Image Deception - Could it have helped contain WannaCry? In the highly regarded military treatise "The Art of War" written in 5th century BC, Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu proclaimed - "All war is based on deception". show more Image Cybersecurity Dealing with APIs Threats: Are you ready? APIs have established themselves as an essential part of enterprise architecture. Security plays an important role in API management. show more Image Cybersecurity Hyper-automation Candidates in Security Operations Center The changes behind the screen is not visible to the customer, however the customer still gets the requested information. They automate tasks that are simple, flow based and repeatable. show more Image IoT Security: "The Matrix is here" In the iconic 1999 movie Matrix, Morpheus reveals the truth to Neo that our lives are not what it seems but completely made believe. Our sense of leading a normal life is what is fed to us through the computers that are connected to the end of our nerves. show more Image Cybersecurity Protecting Critical Infrastructure Information The recent increase in the frequency and impact of cyber-attacks have kept Critical Infrastructure companies on their toes. show more Image Cybersecurity Behind the Scenes: Hollywood Encounters Cyber Security Whenever you read the words ‘Hollywood’ and ‘Security’ in the same sentence, your mind probably wanders of in the direction of movies likeDie Hard 4.0 or Swordfish where uber-cool and suave hackers like Hugh Jackman trying to hack $9.5 Billion off the government from a computer with seven screens. show more Image Cybersecurity Resilience Against Cyber Attacks The recent increase in the frequency and impact of cyber-attacks have kept Critical Infrastructure companies on their toes, fearing the worst for their organizations if an attack occurs on their critical infrastructure. show more Image Cybersecurity Data Privacy for Cloud Based Analytics While cloud based solution has security and privacy challenges, data analytics also brings aspects of data privacy. show more Image The Gatekeeper - Identify and prevent anonymous data breaches in Cloud apps According to a worldwide survey, by 2020, most organization will run their information technology business on the Cloud, which will expose them to various Cloud threats and risks. show more Image Cybersecurity Risk based approach to data privacy Risk based approach to data privacy can help businesses manage global risks, apply, calibrate and enforce controls based on the risk exposure. show more Image Cybersecurity Demystifying Machine learning for threat detection Growing number of devices connected to the internet of things, leads organizations to examine new ways to protect their assets. show more Image State of Cyber Security Report 2018 Read the State of Cybersecurity Report 2018 to gain insights into the macro, micro and meso environments of global cybersecurity ecosystem.